Honors jazz Ensemble

Honors Jazz Ensemble offers students an opportunity to play jazz in a big band setting. This group plays multiple concerts throughout the year, including an annual Jazz Concert in April where they share the stage with the BMS Jazz Band and the Freese Brother Big Band.

Honors Jazz Ensemble is an auditioned ensemble comprising of trumpets, saxophones (alto, tenor, & baritone), trombones, and rhythm section (drums, guitar, bass & piano). Audition information and dates will be announced at the start of the school year in the music department hallway and on the music department website.

Honors Jazz Ensemble rehearses every Wednesday night from 8-9pm

Students who choose to participate in Honors Jazz Ensemble need to make the commitment to the ensemble for the whole year and attend all rehearsals. Students may miss ONE rehearsal within a concert period without repercussions; missing more than one rehearsal may result in the student not participating in an upcoming performance or being asked to leave the ensemble.


Jazz All State auditions requirements are posted on the NHMEA website. Auditions will be held on Saturday, October 20, 2018.

Audition Requirements