Bow High School Musical Ensembles Handbook

Ms. Evans, Choral Director

Mrs. Jaques, Instrumental Director


Concert Band, Concert Choir and String Orchestra


Students need to be on time for all rehearsals and arrive with their instruments, music, and any other supplies they need.  Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each rehearsal and will contribute to the student’s daily class participation grade.  

String Orchestra will rehearse on Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:00pm.  Students who choose to participate in orchestra need to make the commitment to the ensemble for the entire year and attend all rehearsals.  Students will receive a half credit for a full year of participation in orchestra.


Students are required to attend all ensemble performances.  Required performances are indicated in bold on the music department calendar.  Each member of the ensemble plays an important role in our success and his/her musical contributions lead to our success as an ensemble. Students are expected to attend all performances listed in bold on the Music Department calendar; failure to attend mandatory performances will negatively impact a student’s grade in the course. Extenuating circumstances such as death in the family or illness will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

If a conflict arises with an extra-curricular event, please notify Mrs. Jaques or Ms. Evans ASAP so that they can work with the coaches or advisors on a compromise.  Please remember, however, that band and chorus are curricular subjects and, while agreements can be worked out in some situations, academics take precedence over extra-curricular activities.

Performance Expectations

Arrive on time for all performances.  Arrival times will be announced prior to performances and attendance will be taken starting at the arrival time.   

Students are expected to remain in the audience for the duration of all performances and concerts.  Please do not ask to remove students from performances before the conclusion of the event, unless previously arranged with Ms. Evans or Mrs. Jaques.  

Concert Dress

The following attire is required for all performances unless otherwise directed:


Long black dress (ordered through the music department)

Black ballet flat shoes


Black tuxedo pants (ordered through the music department)

Black socks and shoes (no sneakers)

Black tuxedo shirt (ordered through the music department)

Black bow tie (ordered through the music department)

Blue vest (ordered through the music department)

Student Activity Fee

Students will be asked to pay a one-time student activity fee of $100.00 that will cover their concert attire, any alterations needed, and a music department t-shirt. Students will only be asked to pay this fee when they enter the department as a freshman or new student and will be able to exchange rental items as they grow. If students are in multiple ensembles in the music department, they are only expected to pay one fee. In order for all students to look uniform, we ask that you rent concert attire through the music department instead of purchasing it on your own.         

Fundraising and Student Accounts

Various fundraising opportunities are available to music students throughout the school year, including our annual citrus sale in November.  Proceeds from the fundraisers will be deposited into individual student accounts at BHS and can be used for trips, apparel, concert dress, etc.  These accounts are managed by Ms. Evans and Mrs. Jaques, and any funds that remain in an account when a student graduates are deposited into the general music department account.  Students are not able to withdraw actual cash from these accounts or take the remaining balance with them when they graduate.  Remaining balances may be transferred to younger siblings in the music department upon graduation.

Festival Requirements

Students are welcome and encouraged to participate in New Hampshire Music Educators Association (NHMEA) sponsored state events, including All State and Jazz All State.  The NHMEA policy is that a student must be a member in good standing of his/her school performing ensemble in order to audition for either All State or Jazz All State.  If students would like to audition for All State or Jazz All State, they must be an active participant of the appropriate BHS performance ensemble, i.e. an auditioning violinist must participate in the BHS String Orchestra.

Audition requirements and materials can be obtained from Ms. Evans or Mrs. Jaques, as well as downloaded from the NHMEA website at  Students and are parents are encouraged to contact Ms. Evans or Mrs. Jaques directly with specific questions regarding audition and application requirements.


Ms. Evans and Mrs. Jaques will use email as the primary form of communication, so please be sure they always have updated contact information for each student and parent. The music department also maintains a Facebook page that is open to all current music department students and parents.  Students and parents are encouraged to join the group “Bow High School Music Department” to remain updated with music department announcements and activities. The music department also maintains a Twitter feed (@BHS_MusicDrama) and an Instagram account (@bhs_musicdepartment) which parents and students are invited to follow.

Ms. Evans and Mrs. Jaques maintain a BHS Music Department website at: This site will provide important announcements, links to documents and calendars, and will list upcoming events and assignments. Students and parents should bookmark this site to stay up-to-date with Music Department events.

Honors Jazz Ensemble


Students must be members of Concert Band in order to participate in Honors Jazz Ensemble.  


Honors Jazz Ensemble will rehearse on Wednesday evenings from 8:00-9:00pm.  Students who choose to participate in Honors Jazz Ensemble need to make the commitment to the ensemble for the whole year and attend all rehearsals.


Attendance at Honors Jazz Ensemble performances is required of students who choose to participate in the ensemble.  Performances will include evening concerts as well as possible in-school performances.


The Tri-M Music Honor Society is the international music honor society for middle/junior high and high school students. It is designed to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements, reward them for their accomplishments and service activities, and to inspire other students to excel at music and leadership.

Application and admission information will be distributed to students at the beginning of the school year.


Grading & Competencies

Concert Band, Concert Choir and String Orchestra students will receive a final grade at the end of the year (not divided into semesters). Grades provided on Infinite Campus will serve as a “live” snapshot of where students are in time, but no grades will be averaged together as a “posted grade” until the end of the school year.

Creating - 30% of final grade

Students will evaluate and refine selected musical ideas to create musical work that meets appropriate criteria.

Students will share creative musical work that conveys intent, demonstrates craftsmanship, and exhibits originality.

Performing - 50% of final grade

Students will evaluate and refine personal and ensemble performances, individually or in collaboration with others.

Students will develop personal interpretations that consider creators’ intent.

Students will perform expressively, with appropriate interpretation and technical accuracy, and in a manner appropriate to the audience and context.

Responding/Connecting - 20% of final grade

Students will support interpretations of musical works that reflect creators’/performers/ expressive intent.

Students will support evaluations of musical works and performances based on analysis, interpretation, and established criteria.

Students will synthesize and relate knowledge and personal experiences to make music.

Students will relate musical ideas and works to varied contexts and daily life to deepen understanding.

Honors Option

There is an Honors Option available for Concert Band, Concert Choir and String Orchestra that  involves additional academic and/or performance opportunities. Information will be distributed at the beginning of the school year and will be available on the website; students interested should see Mrs. Jaques or Ms. Evans for additional information.