program Overview

We are proud to offer a comprehensive arts education for students at Bow High School, including music and drama elective classes and multiple performing ensembles.  Students have many opportunities to explore their interests and engage in creative expression with other students who share their passion for music and drama.  Students of all interest and ability levels are welcome and encouraged to become a part of the department.

The Theater Department offers three MainStage shows per year, a musical production in the fall/winter, a straight play in the spring, and a summer musical production that is open to alumni, incoming students, and other local students from the community. We also participate in the NH Educational Theatre Guild's One Act Festivals each year. In addition to our extracurricular program, the Theater Department offers an Acting Workshop class each semester and other Extended Learning Opportunities.

The Music Department offers a wide curriculum of performing ensembles, including Concert Band, Concert Choir, Orchestra and Jazz Band. Members of the Music Department perform in four concerts each year, participate in many NHMEA festivals, and are highly involved in the greater school and local community.

In addition to performing ensembles, the department offers the performing arts electives listed below.  These electives are open to all students at Bow High School, regardless of previous experience (with the exception of Music Theory).  Students are welcome and encouraged to take one or more of these electives during their time at BHS.



This class is open to all students who are interested in learning to play the guitar and is primarily designed for beginning guitar students. Various styles of music are explored with an emphasis on rock and roll.  The school provides acoustic guitars for student use during the class.


Music Theory, history & analysis

This class is intended for students who have basic fundamental knowledge of music and are interested in delving deeper into the technical aspects of music. Students study the foundations of music theory, address score study and analysis through the lens of music history, and are exposed to composers and musical examples from all eras of European classical music. 



This class is open to students interested in learning to play the piano, as well as students who already study the piano and are interested in improving their piano skills. Students work at their own pace to develop proficiency on the piano and are evaluated according to individual musical growth.



This class gives students of all levels of experience a deeper understanding of acting technique through scene work, improvisational activities, audition skills, and script study. Students are introduced to a variety of acting methods and techniques through hands-on exercises and scenes selected from some of history’s most important plays. Students gain important skills in communication, personal presentation, teamwork, and audition/interview behavior. Students have the opportunity to work with industry professionals and experience live theatre throughout the course.